Autumn Favourites

Autumn is the ideal season for savouring the rich, heartwarming flavours of homemade cakes and treats. At reemies, we are committed to embracing the authentic, all-natural ingredients, free from any additives. Our delightful treats are carefully handcrafted and freshly baked daily in our London kitchen.

As the cozy autumn season unfolds and Thanksgiving draws near, we have some inspiring ideas to make your gatherings with friends and family truly exceptional. Picture enhancing your celebrations with one of our artisanal cakes or delectable treats. Whether it's our renowned pumpkin cake or our mouthwatering bites, we're here to infuse your get-togethers with the genuine essence of autumn. Join us in savouring the incredible flavours of this splendid season, and let every bite be a moment of gratitude shared with loved ones! We love seeing photos of your gatherings, so please send them to us on email or on instagram, just tag # reemiescakes.