reemies cakes was born in 2018 out of a pure love of cake, specifically Banana Cake! For as long as I can remember I have been making and feeding this cake to all my family and friends. For me, Banana Cake (or Banana Bread as it is often referred to although mine is definitely more of a cake!) is one of the most loved, wholesome, satisfying and delicious cakes around.
My obsession with food went far beyond my sweet tooth and for that reason, having graduated from Law School, I decided to go to Chef School and get a professional Diploma. From the day I graduated, eager to start a career in F&B, I only ever made one thing at home: the same old BANANA CAKE! The irony and humour of this was not lost on my friends and family: I have NEVER heard the end of it (you know who you are). It is for them that I do this now, having been asked to please turn this obsessive passion into a business and let the world have access to this simple yet delectable delight.
reemies cakes has since grown to offer an extended menu of similarly wholesome, natural, delicious cakes made for sharing and for any occasion, whether it be a birthday celebration, graduation or simply to go with your afternoon tea.